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    2019 CHINA TRIP


    From January 9th till 14th , Yeekong International welcomed a team of seven distributors from Lagos, Nigeria, led by Madam Buru Ogo. Our overseas family came to Harbin, where Yeekong International's headquarter is located, for a visit.

    On January 9th , the overseas family members arrived in Harbin and stayed in an exclusive hotel.



    On January 10th , our Nigerian friends began to visit the city after a full rest. They saw huge snowmen, ice sculptures and frozen rivers in the open air of minus 20 degrees, and they also walked on the frozen rivers, enjoyed this natural miracle created by God. In the evening, Yeekong staff took our overseas distributors to enjoy a delicious barbecue buffet.


    On January 11th , after enjoying a nice and warm breakfast, overseas distributors went to the company’s manufacturing base to visit our exhibition hall and production workshop.

    After arriving at the factory, they first visited the corporate culture exhibition hall under the guidance of our staff. They were listening to the professional translation and explanations, and gain a deeper understanding of Yeekong International's corporate culture and product line. Next, accompanied by employees, they visited R & D center, solid product workshop and international conference center. They also visited the production workshop of Oral Liquid and Wood Vinegar Plaster to get further information about the production process of our wonderful products.

    Ms. Zhang Yuehong and Mr. Zhou Tong, the VP of the company, had lunch with our overseas distributors.

    In the afternoon, Nigerian partners visited company’s Global Operation Center. They were warmly welcomed by our Chinese distributors, and people took a lot of pictures with them. Mr. Zhang Renjiu, the chairman of Yeekong, and the company executive team, took a group photo with overseas distributors as a souvenir. Later, Mr. Zhang held a high-level meeting with overseas family members. After the meeting, overseas distributors received souvenirs from the company, then they presented gifts from Africa to Chairman Zhang, and took pictures with Mr. Zhang. By the end of the day, our Nigerian friends enjoyed a steak buffet dinner.



    On January 12th, the overseas distributors came to the Yeekong international conference center again to attend the seminar of Nigerian Distributors and Wood Vinegar Soap release conference.

    In the evening, Chairman Zhang hosted a banquet for our African distributors. Our Nigerian family members have expressed their gratitude to Mr. Zhang and the company for the warm hospitality. They believed this trip to China is the best international tour they have. They were also eagerly looking forward to hosting the chairman in Nigeria. After the dinner, overseas family members leaved Harbin to Beijing and began a new journey.


    On January 13th , Yeekong overseas distributors arrived at the last stop of this China Tour - Beijing. In Beijing, they visited the Forbidden City, Tian'anmen Square and other places of interest, accompanied by Amy Wu.


    January 14th , a big shopping day! Our overseas family members embarked on a happy journey home with joy. We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you again next year!


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